At the ECHN Center for Weight Loss we combine the some to region’s best medical weight loss professionals with the most advanced technology for better weight loss results. Our surgeon, Dr. Mark Tousignant, is an experienced bariatric surgeon who is recognized as a national expert in robotic weight loss surgery. Dr. Mark R. Tousignant leads the dedicated team at the ECHN Center for Weight Loss to provide patients with all the education and support they need to be successful losing weight and regaining their health. Dr. Tousignant has presented his findings across the country and is responsible for mentoring 10 surgeons annually who are interested in learning his techniques. By utilizing minimally invasive techniques using the latest robotic surgical platform, Dr. Tousignant is able to perform weight loss surgeries, such as the gastric bypass, and gastric sleeve procedures, to help you lose weight and recover faster with less discomfort.