The Connecticut River and Long Island Sound converge near the quintessential New England town of 0ld Saybrook, CT, home to B&L Construction. With one of the region’s largest concentrations of 18th century colonial and 19th century federal buildings, 0ld Saybrook is a fitting headquarters for a construction company devoted to lasting quality. Allen Hull made quality the B&L hallmark from its beginning in 1993. Prior to that time, Hull developed a sand and gravel business, and also worked in landscape construction. “We are a small company that does projects ranging from paving a driveway all the way up through a large commercial complex,” Hull said of B&L, which handles all aspects of site work from clearing the land and grubbing to site utilities, paving and some landscaping. B&L is also bondable. “We provide our customers with a quality job, completed on time at a fair price.” B&L started with seven employees and now serves clients throughout southeastern Connecticut with a team of 35. Hull eliminates the superfluous layers of management by dealing directly with clients and then coordinating job requirements with seasoned foremen and superintendents.

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