The Southeastern Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Inc. (SCADD) is an organization dedicated to helping people and their families with alcohol and substance abuse problems. SCADD was founded in 1966 by three men - Attorney Morgan K. McGuire, Dr. Joseph A. Ceha and Reverend Orin E. Dice - who shared a vision of a community program organized, staffed, operated and funded (in part) by the people of Southeastern Connecticut. We strive each day to carry out that vision and bring help to the sick and suffering substance abuser. The basic approach to rehabilitation developed in the past remains appropriate in treating today's polysubstance abuser. As with alcoholism, drug abuse is recognized as a disease that must be treated within a context addressing the physical, social, spiritual and emotional elements of the illness. Thus, SCADD's emphasis is on self-help within the community. We believe that an individual must be motivated to help him/herself, but we also know that individuals need a close-knit system of human relationships to support them in this difficult process. Each of our programs incorporates this philosophy into the clients treatment plan. Throughout its many years of service to our community, SCADD has continued to grow and provide education and treatment to the people of Southeastern Connecticut. We are particularly proud that SCADD has grown in service and in scope without sacrificing the humanity of its practice.

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