In 1971 Elizabeth Bolton followed her dream and opened the Red Barn Children's Center to provide quality education for local children. Eight years later in 1979 Jim and Linda N. Stuhlman bought the school to follow their own dreams. Over the next three decades they dedicated their lives to the continued development and improvement of the program and property. Many of the buildings and programs currently in use were developed by the Stuhlmans. Christian and Jessica became part of RBCC history in May 2015. As Red Barn class of 80-81 alumni, Jessica has come full circle, starting as a teacher in the summer program during her undergraduate and graduate school studies. In 2011, Jessica left her position in elementary education to join the Red Barn team to develop and lead the Bunnies program and teach in the Little Barn. Christian and Jessica's daughter Gretchen is also now alumni having participated in the first bunnies class and progressed though the barns. Jessica currently maintains the role of Director and looks forward to her daily visits to the barns where she plays alongside the children. Christian holds a degree in Environmental Health and Safety and has been working in the marine construction industry since 1999 after a tour in the US Navy. On campus, he takes care of the property and manages the (less glamorous) business side of the program but also finds time to visit with the children often. Together they make an effective pair continuing the tradition of husband and wife teams owning, managing and caring for the school.

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