"https://www.repertoireresources.com/ Furniture & Fabrics for a Big Life We’ve been in the residential design and construction business since the 1940’s, beginning as master carpenters when our Italian-American grandfather established his home building partnership to serve the growing number of families in central New York. Decades later, after several years of apprenticeship in artisanal paint, plaster and wallpaper finishes, our father established Custom Planned Interiors in 1975. Since then, we’ve accumulated three generations of knowledge and expertise and over the years, finishing custom interiors has given way to working directly with several of the best furniture, fabric and wallpaper manufacturers in the US, Canada and Europe. We are able to lovingly reinvest all those years of experience in every piece of furniture that is carefully created by our highly-skilled manufacturing partners. For our products we insist on the best quality materials, made to our own exacting standards. Our beautiful, traditional and modern furniture and fabrics effortlessly satisfy those ever-present requirements of real life — practicality and durability."