Digitize, Archive, Share Three ways to make your photos last for generations. The Details (Or, your photos mean a lot to you, so we’re going to tell you exactly how they will be treated while they are visiting with us). When your order is received we first confirm all the photos are accounted for as per your order form. From start to finish, the same individual will be assigned to your photos. If they have a question, they’ll call you and likewise, if you call, you’ll speak with the person who is assigned to your project. We wear white cotton gloves and try to handle the photos as little as possible. Each item is gently dusted and then scanned. Next, the photo is returned to it’s original storage container in the same sequence that it was removed. Please know that photos in albums or items in individual envelopes will cost a bit more than loose photos. See the order form for details Once the scanning is completed the files are saved in folders that follow the same method of organization that the physical photos are using. If the photos are in a yellow envelope that says “halloween 1977”, then the scanned photos will be saved to a folder called “halloween 1977 (yellow envelope)”. The individual files will be named using a similar protocol. For instance photos of a family wedding in an album might be called: smith_wedding_001.jpg. If you’d like a special naming scheme, just ask. We’re happy to oblige. The digital files are saved to USB hard drives. We use either thumb style drives or if necessary larger magnetic hard drives. Or provide your own hard drive. It takes about two weeks to digitize and deliver most projects. Payment is due when your order is complete. Keep reading for more details. Pricing information is here. Pickup and delivery in Connecticut is available or visit our studio by appointment. To get started, give us a call203-453-1513 More details Along with how your images are named and organized digitally, there are a few additional options in regards to correcting and optimizing your photos. We offer 3 levels of service: Basic The raw untouched digital file as produced by the scanner in tiff format. The file may be slightly skewed. There is no editing or correction of any kind. This is recommended only for those who understand how to edit digital media on their own. Standard Images are cropped up to 10% from the border (if you want to preserve the white border around your prints, we suggest you order the Basic or Complete service level). Basic color/contrast is also applied. Complete Cropping is done closer to the border, preserving more of the image. Color/contrast corrections are fine-tuned. High dynamic range scanning techniques are used to increase the amount of detail. Finally, we provide dust and scratch removal for transparencies and reflective media.

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