As you already know, the Board of Education is under attack by hard right extremists who are taking direction from people and organizations outside of Guilford. A national playbook is being used in Guilford without regard to Guilford’s curriculum, teachers, or staff. A group of moderate Republicans would like to ensure the extremists who have been disrupting Board of Education and administration efforts DURING A PANDEMIC do not reach the November ballot. We need your help. The largest voting group in Guilford are unaffiliated, or independent, voters. Every unaffiliated voter can register to become a Republican to be eligible to vote for the primary on September 14. Please vote your conscience for your community. You can then unaffiliate after the primary if you wish. Becoming a “Republican for a Day” does NOT prevent you from voting for Democrat or independent candidates on election day in November There are two ways to register to be a “Republican for a Day”: Go to the Registrar of Voters at Guilford Town Hall (on the green). Bring your CT driver’s license. The process will take 5 minutes. They are open M/W/F 1 – 4:30PM Register to your party affiliation online at https://voterregistration.ct.gov/ If you have any questions, please find contact information at https://www.republicansforeducation.com/contact or contact the town registrar of voters at (203) 453-8028 VOTE ROW B ON SEPTEMBER 14!

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