I’ve realized my dream with the opening of Abby’s Place in Essex. Our location alongside the Dauntless Boatyard on the Connecticut River in the heart of Essex is an absolutely beautiful setting. We are serving classic American cuisine using many locally sourced, very fresh meats and vegetables. I grew up in Waterford on an organic farm with a mom who’s a fabulous cook. I received from her the best foundation for becoming a chef with an appreciation for farm fresh flavors. I am so happy to be using some of her produce and dairy products in preparing your meals at Abby’s Place. My many years of cooking at some of the finest and most dedicated quality dining choices in Connecticut have cemented my reputation as a chef. I feel my culinary sensibility and adventurous, comfort-food based experience has been the perfect preparation to bring you my new option for casual waterfront dining in Essex. Enjoy our great breakfast omlettes, orange infused french toast and healthy yogurt parfaits. Our hearty lunches will feature what we think will become your favorite clam chowder, hamburgers and lobster rolls. Dinner will be casual yet comfortable with outdoor seating to enjoy juicy steaks, fresh seafood and just wonderful comfort foods.

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