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    November 18, 2018
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Are People in Maine and Massachusetts really smarter than people in Connecticut? There are several brands of indoor units Wall Hung Air Handlers) to choose feom to They certainly are,when it comes to their knowledge of high efficiency Duceless Heat Pumpa They know exaetly what a Duetless mach t Heat Pump is, how they can beneft from the energy savings, and ays to design the perfest Ouctless Heat the decor of your room There are Pump system for your home. At Ait Inc CT Home Comlort Showroom, located on ohow do they knowr to much? Maine and Massachusetts were the northeast states chosen to be 104 Frontage Rd, East Haven, CT the posber chld for the Ngh eficiency federal programs. Their utility companies were given hupe incentives to educate each and every homeowner about the new Heat Pump energy saving technoloE That is why Maine and Massachusetts homes are heated and cooled by more Ductles Heat Pumps than any other state in the USA Connecticut Ubilides are trying to get the word out and they are eiving great incentives, but that's ot good enough I pueisIf want it done rigH I have to do it myselt My job is to educate Connecticut homeowners a Heat Pump phenomenon there are many working dsplays. We even offera Workshop with help from can install it yourself with the assistance of Aie, Inc It's your Hidden away about the Ductless units that can be in your e or of your options when you set your in-Home No Obligation-Free What is a Heat Pump? A Heat Pump provides both Air Conditioning and Heating in one ystem, How?2?. It is really hard to explain the thermodymamics of it all, Its all in the refrigeeant (Freon) fow eos the compressr, 203-691-9131 through all the tubing, through the coils, blah, blah, blah see what Main Office 203-315-0323 Call to set up yous Home Comfort Showroom Come visit out CT Home Comfort Showroom where you can see, touch, feeland discover all the latest technology in ductless heat pumps and hini split systens. How Much Does It Cost To Heat & Cool Your Home With A Ductless Heat Pump System? A Ductless Heat Pump uses Inverter Technology to keep your home at a comtant comfortable temperature whle saving you the comist of one outdoor most amount of money possible on your energy bill Ductless Heat Pumps keep the inside o your home at a comdortable indoor units.Eah temperature, whether the outdoor semperature in greater than 100 room i independently degrees or even down t0 -13 degree Ductless Heat Pumps a Duetless Heot pump is about 75% less t straight electric heat, 40% less than Oil or Propane heat, and 25% thermostat. You can set thetemperature heat. You than Natural gas your annual energy bills when using Ductiess in conjunction with can sti·save hundreds of dolars on degrees while setoing it does work by electricky BUT The electricity is used only torun another room at 60 a very high efficet compressot, drawing very lttle energy The refrigerant in the system does the rest of the work, Ericiency Ratings use your smartphone to are measured in coemicient ef pertoremance [CoP). A Ductless Heat control each unit from Pump has an average of 3.0 COe, meaning.-300% efficient, No other anywhere, wing WMi heating source even comes close, Natural Gas, on&LP all have less and the ductless app. than a 99% etticiency eating. Rebates & Incentives Many high efficiency Ductless Heat Pumps for the Energire Connecticut rebates. Single Zone rebate 5300 Mulil Zone If you are having 2 single zone systems instaled in your home, you will receive a $600 rebate 15 100 x 2) and 2 Multi Zone systems wi get you a $1,000 rebane (5500 x 21 only vp to two systems per Time to Take a Vacation! If you've been outside of the United Seates, you have probably seen these Ductless Heat Pumps in hotel rooms and restaurants They have been using them for many years now. if you know someone who has a Ductless Heat Pump installed in their home sk them how they lke it. The answer wil always be-ILOVE IT meet the requirements rebate 5500 them how 8Benetits of a Ductless Heat Pump: Energy Etficient iet Operation 700, you heat your home with only electric heat and you had a home energy assessmens done CHES window units to instal and More sunlighe in your home because you're not uning window units Prowides very high efficient Heating, Cooling&Dehumidfcaton Let the Fights Begin! comer, weighing in a"$t G0 poundWe are ow oftering and displaying Using its powerfulnrtee Tethnolons for pound igaint Ductless Heat Pumps The indoor units come in dileentcolork desi aly Coor Lisben B0 the whisper quiet operation of both the indoor and Electric Heat has been defeited over and ow apain ln the 130 - Find out what the instalation process consists of and what you hould expect from our intallation rew when they come to n arymone becaue hey weweloin way too much money onh See how we wn maketheinstalianonofThe piging neat and · and cenine pubcsuWe wil bring you theugh the complete installation so you know out of oil at the worexaly what to expect No Surprses If you want to save money and you are a Do-lt Yourself kind of person.. Call for your personal appointment to attend our DIY Workshop. You can also call for a Propane [Nickname LP1 lke the counin ofoil It hang out in the sem toner as. oe wetuhing every makes "of etes woone aand 'safwan, prthgno eway.meever.row_ when it will un ou ofg an leave you hangie Design & Estimate CT Home Comfort Showroom... 203-691-9131 Main Office... 203-315-0323 Voit our new webtite for everything you need to kndw about Ductless