ReduceTheTrashCT is a company that provides sustainable solutions with a positive environmental impact. They offer a Community Connect App and a Toolkit for Participating Communities. A sustainable solution with a positive environmental impact. Transfer Station permit holders will be provided with free bags to use during the 9-month pilot period. This is enough for two 15-gallon orange trash bags and one 8-gallon green food scraps bag per week. At home, residents will separate food scraps from their trash and place in the green bags. Non-recyclable trash will go in the orange bags. When residents come to the Transfer Station, there will be two seaprate containers, one to dispose of Orange trash bags and one for Green food scraps bags. The food scraps will be converted to green energy at an industrial composter. The pilot program is free – you will be provided with an allotment of orange trash and green food scraps bags to use during the pilot. Residents are encouraged to use the provided orange trash bags and we ask each resident to separate out food scraps as best they can and place them in the green bags. With rising disposal costs, it is important to separate out food scraps and recyclables from disposal. The green food scrap bags will be sent to Quantum Biopower in Southington, CT. Quantum is an anaerobic digestion facility that turns food scraps into clean, renewable energy and compost, saving it from the trash can.

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