The United Methodist Church, Branford is a community of people and families from all walks of life in the Shoreline area who come together to worship and to serve God, the source of creation and of unconditional love, made manifest in Jesus Christ and in those who unite in Christ through the fellowship of the Holy Spirit. As Heirs of John Wesley‘s standards and commitment, we celebrate the Lordship of Jesus Christ as revealed in Scripture, celebrated through Tradition, vivified in personal Experience, and further explored with Reason. We understand our faith to be an active presence in our daily lives, and life itself as a process, strengthened and guided by the Holy Spirit. We invite you to join us as we seek God’s guidance toward faithful discipleship through study, worship, prayer and service as a community of faith. Empowered by the Holy Spirit, we are called to share the love of God through word and deed as we seek to make disciples of Jesus Christ. We welcome in particular young and growing families of all kinds who seek an open, affirming and nurturing environment for themselves and their children through worship, study and community service.

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