In Shape Fitness Center is more than a gym. It is a an upscale, comfortable club where members exercise, play, and connect with each other. A clean, well-maintained facility is standard for us, but our expert instruction is what it’s all about. We offer the very best equipment, group exercise programs, and personal training services, and our members enjoy complimentary workout programs and nutritional guidance. It’s all part of the experience. Joining a quality health club is the best decision you can make in terms of your health. Whether toning up, losing inches,or improving your game, it is always important to see results. We will tailor a personal training program to meet your needs. Our personal trainers care and connect with our members and will motivate you to reach your goals with private, semi-private, and group training options. They will create a program that gets you the results you desire. You will see and feel the difference. In addition, we have group exercises for men and women of all ages and fitness levels. Whether its cardiovascular training, strength training, or flexibility you want, we have it all! Our schedules feature internationally acclaimed classes by Body Training Systems, including Group Active, Group Kick, Group Step, Group Ride, Group Power, Group Groove, and Group Centergy. We also offer basketball, boxing, tanning, childcare, a juice bar, and specialty classes such yoga, pilates, Boot Camp, and kids’ programming. Group exercise is a fun, motivating way to get moving. Whether your goal is strength, cardio, flexibility, or sports conditioning, expert instruction will lead you to incredible results. Group programming is a place where friends of all skill levels can train together with classes available 7 days a week. These classes give you a regular reason to make it to the club. Get started today!