Animal Camp is a fun, educational camp that teaches children about respecting all living creatures (including each other). Children from all over the state will come together at this camp to meet and share their common theme of loving animals. Animal Camp allows children to be kids again by exploring the outdoors, interacting with bugs and trees, touching and learning about all sorts of unusual creatures from Tarantulas, to Skunks to Wolves. They will also learn all about what FLEMDS is! Animal guests come on a daily basis and can range from baby alligators, wallaby’s or great horned owls. They will also take a weekly field trip to awesome animal places like the Wolf Conservation Center, Action Wildlife Foundation or Ray of Light Farm. What makes this camp so unique and special is the positive based theme we teach children regarding all living creatures. We teach kids to not only respect programs like reduce reuse and recycle and how that positively impacts the planet including wild animals, domestic animals and us, but we also teach them about how being more compassionate about animals leads into speaking and acting more compassionately towards each other. This program focuses on recognizing the kids when they achieve positive behaviors. Animal Camp is a way for children to express their love and passion for animals all while learning how we are all connected and need to respect and be considerate to the ecosystems and to our environment as a whole.

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